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HUGE HUGS AND KISSES TO woman_of_, mentalme85, frenchani, spankspike. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes - they really made my crappy day brighter. :-)

Sorry about confusion on the date, I kind of getting confused with it myself. I was born on the 9-th, but according to the US time it was the 8-th. I get drunk on whatever date is handier though. IoI And yeh, I was born in the same day with Amber Benson, so, considering my old age, you know why it is no longer a cool day for me.

Chani, got your post card today. Thank you! *hugs* :-) Didn't make it to the New Year, made it to my birthday. IoI Cannot show it to anyone though, the "hot porn manips" comment would raise too many questions (no, my family/friends don't know I am into a gay porn).

Finally, the reason why I am on the diet now... CHEESES, which I consumed in the inhuman quantities during the holidays. Snapped the picture (below) before Christmas, and for the New Year I doubled the number. IoI Now my ass doesn't fit into most of my clothes, and I have to drag it to the GYM every day. My life isn't fun.

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I want to thank my lj friends, authors and artists for making my life better this year. I cannot express how much you mean to me! Really, not just saying that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sorry, wasn't around much for the last few weeks to leave the comments and show my appreciation accordingly.

Happy New Year! LOVE YOU!

Just before I leave, here's my little Christmas tree (thanks to Jan for the inspiration). Forgot the lights at my mom's (yeh, went to hers for the lights, and by the time she finished yapp... talking, I forgot what I came for), so its lightless, but utterly traditional.

Candles instead of the lights. I know, fire hazard and all... Didn't fell asleep with them though. :-) Oh, and the pretty cards I've got before Christmas. THANK YOU! I have a few more now *beams*.

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Sorry I haven't been around much! Happy holiday to all lj friends, I love you dearly! :-)

As promised, I'm posting ANGEL'S BEFORE AND AFTER CHRISTMAS PARTY I did 2 years ago for Angel Spoiler Board (Buffy Cross&Stake). Hope you like it too. *hugs*


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Busy time, la-la-la.

First of all, I've got a feature (finally!) which displays my lj-friends birthdays. It was hard to be clueless and weeks behind on this one.

I did quite a few manips in the last few weeks, but they are kind of all over the place, and i had no luck trying to get them together. Obviously, organization is not my primary feature.

I love how we kind of pick the 'new' community trends... For example, a few weeks ago there were grave signs lined up in my f-list, then some shiny glitter letters... The latest one is the loveliest - Spike in the small black dress. I've read at least 3 stories today which feature such a delight. So, I had to participate. Couldn't find a good material with a 'little' dress though.

SPIKE 'DRESSED' behind the cutCollapse )

Have to check out DS - haven't visited it for a while. Oh, I just got accepted into a new Photo community. Thought Frimmy wrote me off, and was about to pout. He-he, now I just got to get my camera out and make some decent 'does'.

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Wow, 2.5 days non-stop shopping. I am breaking my own records! That's 'cause winter is not only holiday season, but also a "birthday season" for my family. Kind of disturbing if you think about it.

Anthropologie lovers, they have HUGE in-store shoe sale! Don’t miss it out. I figured I couldn’t spend $75 for another pair of shoes, until after recalculating how much I’ve spent on gifts for people that weren’t me… Now I just cannot drive 30 miles one way for a pair of Bygone Mary Janes. :-(

Time to catch up with LJ. Hope I didn't miss much.

ETA: I've got this! SQUEEEEEEE!

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Dunno if its gonna work this time... It did before! :-)

Really desperate for a new chapter of The Arsecapades by shapinglight, I made a little manip, which I really hope will encourage Deb to write more. Pretty please?

The Arsecapades Spike. PGCollapse )

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We've lost. Not that I expected anything different, not after receiving two phone calls with recorded messages "telling me" to protect constitutional rights and support marriages between one MAN and one WOMAN (its been repeated several times, in case I'd forgotten).

Anyway, it could be worse - I could have lived in Kansas, where people were actually created from... dunno what their current religious trend is... If they'd decided people were created from kitties, i'd probably move there... always thought I was a kitty in my previous life.

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Spent nearly 1.5 hours doing nothing - aka making a manip with no purpose whatsoever. Unless wanting to make another historic-like Spangel qualifies as a reason. So, I made it, and, surprisingly, even liked it.

Seasonal Spangel manip. NC-17!!!Collapse )
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The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is (apparently) the oldest botanic garden in the US. It is very pretty (especially Japanese Garden), except for a large number of weddings going on, that prevent access to some areas (not to mention are annoying). So I've made some nice pictures this weekend. I have high-res copies too - feel free to ask if you need for wallpapers. Please, don't take these without asking, some of them will get copyrighted.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Lots of pictures, not dial-up friendlyCollapse )

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I had to go away for a while, and didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Thank you, my friends _sharvie_, jans_intentions, sueworld2003, frimfram, shapinglight, anjanka7 for caring if I am around or not - it means world to me! *hugs and kisses*

Although I did cheat couple of times, mainly because it was an "award season", and I had to be sure my favorite authors got nominated, I managed to stay away long enough to sort a lot of stuff. Easing myself in now, and really overwhelmed with what I missed and need to catch up. Feels good though!

Warming homecoming manip - Spike and Xander nekkid. NC-17 for nudity.Collapse )

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